He heals the Brokenhearted Mixed media on canvas Gemengde Media op doek R 30 000 (Unframed) (91 cm x 152 cm)

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He heals the Brokenhearted<span class="pt_splitter pt_splitter-1"> Mixed media on canvas <span class="pt_splitter pt_splitter-2">Gemengde Media op doek <span class="pt_splitter pt_splitter-3">R 30 000 (Unframed) (91 cm x 152 cm)</span></span></span>

Original painting is available

To order prints:

Same size print as original R6 000


Half size print (68 cm x  110 cm) R 3 200


What the painting is about

The last 18 years has been a constant process of healing of old wounds…some battle scars may remain, but the wounds have been healed by the healer of my soul. If your heart has been broken, and your life has been shattered, there is a Healer that makes beauty from ashes, and a new beautiful mosaic with all the scattered pieces.