The image below really tells a story. If you open the door to my house that is what you will see. Although through time some of it might change, the basic ingredients stays the same...a House filled with art, so full of Art that the house  is overflowing with it. By walking though the blue door, you enter in and see all that is around. What you see there, is now also available at this online shop. So knock on the door and come in.

Shipping and Local Pick-up

All products except Original art can be shipped Nationally (ZAR 200) and Internationally (ZAR 500). Cost will be added during the checkout process. If you prefer to pickup your purchase, you can make arrangements with Marriana Booyens via email (marrianakunshuis@gmail.com).

Enjoy your shopping time at Kunshuis.

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Sometimes we get stuck with an artwork and we don’t know how to go forward. We don’t know how to get unstuck. Getting feedback from a qualified professional can help.  Book a session with Marriana Booyens via email. Payment can be EFT directly to Marriana, and your session is booked.

A session could mean 2 things:

1. You send an image of your artwork to Marriana via email. She provides  feedback to you on the following:

a. Observational skills
b. Technical skills
c. Mark making ability
d. Concept/Idea
e. Emotional content
f. Add your own aspect: what are u struggling with the most?

Cost: R 300 per session

2. A Skype session with Marriana for 30 minutes or 3 short sessions of 10 minutes each, where she views your artwork and talks to you about it directly.

Cost R 300 per session.

Coming Soon!

The drawing foundation course takes you through the building blocks of drawing on a step by step basis. The idea is that you are building knowledge and experience with each exercise. This equips you to build upon each level to get to a new level of observation and understanding.

Drawing is a wonderful platform that teaches sound observational skills and a unique way of perceiving.

What the course consists of:

  • 7 instructional and informative videos.
  • 3 exercises per video. With each exercise a demo is done by Marriana Booyens to illustrate what you should be doing.
  • One feedback session is included in the price if you purchase the full course.

Extra feedback sessions can be bought when needed.

Price per video R 500
Full course: R 3 500

Coming Soon!

This course focuses on Portraiture. Drawing and painting the face has been an interest of mine for a long time. I love the way the face can tell a story, and I enjoy teaching others how to paint and draw it well.

What the course consists of:

  • 7 instructional and informative videos teaching the student to draw each area of the face well.
  • The last videos in the sequence will help you to combine all the different parts of the face.
  • Every video has some exercises in that you can do.
  • A demo by Marriana Booyens of each exercise will explain and illustrate the important aspects that you need to focus on.
  • One feedback session is included in the price if you purchase the full course.

Extra feedback sessions can be purchased as needed.

Price per video: R 500
Full course: R 3 500

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