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The Basic Drawing Foundation Course

This Course teaches you the Basic Drawing Building Blocks

These building blocks are like stepping stones to drawing well. Each stepping stone helps you build upon another,
helping you to observe better, and enabling and teaching you how to draw. You will go through a learning
curve where you are allowed to make mistakes. This process is called Constant Creative Problem solving,
where mistakes are not an issue, only a fleeting obstacle through which one can learn. Something not looking
right when you draw? Fix it by learning how to solve the problem through creativity. The course can be
purchased as a whole (recommended), or as single Lesson plans. The Feedback per lesson is also not
compulsory, but will help you along the way to overcome obstacles, and to gain momentum in your learning.

A video demo by Marriana is also available per Lesson to help you understand the process well. Per lesson an Online feedback session of 10 minutes is also available to provide an answer to any questions you might have. It also provides you with feedback on what you have done. Use and purchase of this is optional.  Feedback sessions can be arranged with Marriana via email.


If you want the benefit of the full package, then you can buy all 5 lessons for the price of R 2900.  You can also get 10 minutes of online feedback per lesson for an extra R500.  These sessions can be scheduled at your convenience.

You also have the option to purchase individual lesson plans at R750 per lesson.

The lessons include:

1. Sensitive Line: Why is it important?
2. The Basics of Everything. Understanding Basic shapes. Drawing made easy
3. Line following Form
4. Negative space : Your friend in Drawing
5. Tonality and Mark Making
6. Now we put it all together, recapping all you have done

Please note that the course material will be emailed to you after proof of payment is received.

You are welcome to contact Marriana Booyens if you have any questions before purchasing this Package.