New Art Classes

Be a Creative Explorer

The ability to learn something new takes guts, patience and passion.

Art making doesn’t just fall in the lap of the one creating art or learning to draw or paint. There is a lot of discipline involved, of training the eye to see correctly…what is referred to as ‘good observational skills’ doesn’t come easy.

You have to have the heart to learn, and the patience to never give up.

I count it all a blessing and a privilege, to be able to help others on their journey to become what I call  ‘ creative explorers‘.

The classes that I teach are more than art classes, it does involve the training of the hand and the eye, but it also involves the heart.

I believe nothing is impossible with God, and that each new challenge in art, like in life, can be overcome.

Honor and Glory to God who created the Heaven and the Earth, the One who has instilled in me the believe that all I have to do is keep my eyes on Him.

That is why I can say that with hope in my heart I know that new creative frontiers awaits.

Art Classes And Workshop Information


Coming soon!

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