Through the Ordinary the Extraordinary


 I live a life that I once only dreamed was possible. I really cannot boast in anything, but in the fact that Grace abounds in my life. 
  As I awoke this morning, on my 50th birthday, I had a strong and sure sense of how wonderful it is to live…to awake to another day.
 I have not always felt this way, my heart has been softened, my soul has found a rest that is everlasting.
 What a beautiful thing it is to be granted a new day, this today.
 My cup overflows and I am forever grateful.
 This website is a testimony of that Grace, that love that never ends. It has been a lot of hard work, and a lot of learning about new stuff that I never thought possible to do.
 May the colours and the pictures fill you with a longing to search for the Truth. His signature is everywhere. 
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