Looking into the Beyond

So…2020 has been what no year has been before. In my life so much has been added, and had to be explored, in order to go beyond what I have always known, or felt comfortable with. It has not been comfortable, but it has been good.

In many ways, this has been a make, or break year.

The challenge of learning to do art classes online has been good, but also at times so strange, and unfamiliar, that if it wasn’t for this year, and all the pressure to change, I think I might have been doing things the way I had always done them.

So in that sense, this year has been a tremendous gift. It helped me to climb higher, to look further, into the Beyond.

This has only been possible by the Grace and Fire of God. Only a holy fire could move me out of my comfortable slumber. That, and the good friends that I have… that was not afraid to speak the truth in love, to me.

That also is a gift. If you have friends like that, cherish and honor them.

They help you look into the Beyond, knowing that there is a higher purpose for all of us. They are the cutting edge tools in the hands of God, that removes the fluff, the lies, and all the baggage of life that can entangle, and stagnate.

I am extremely thankful towards them. They have shown me how to live, because they choose to die to self.

With 2021 around the corner, I choose to write these things on my heart…and explore it through my art.

Marriana Booyens

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